Find divinity anyway you can.  This is why we are here.  I have witnessed human divinity and marveled at its transcendence, power and beauty.  My life is devoted to manifesting this Spirit through art.


Do not ask me to explain why I know I am here to be an artist. When an image comes in a dream for me to create, or when I feel the paint moving from brush to surface or when I connect with someone who gets my art, I am in joy. 

If my work stirs in you an ancient song, your energy has leaped ahead in time to my studio singing your divinity through my hands. I use to think I understood what "I" was creating but those who viewed my art had insights and deep wisdom beyond my small pebbles of thought, fixed and solid.  I learned to shut up and listen.  The paint, canvas, paper and stones dance with the ether and reach out to the vastness of things unseen pulling together a language that speaks to you beyond mind in a secret way.  We speak softly on the edge of a dream now and through eternity as we express the divinity weaving though the fabric of all humanity.